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Neighborhood Stabilization

News reports about unequal property assessments for communities of color abound. Residents are deprived of wealth that can be accessed to make improvements, and municipalities are left to tap public funds to bridge that financing gap halting private investment in its tracks. Third Estate uses big data and custom workflows to test for compliance with various laws, and then utilizes existing systems to trigger physical changes to properties in the real world.

Community Liaison Network

Neighborhood conditions constantly change and municipalities aren’t omniscient. Yet, every day 311 calls of varying clarity come in from residents who expect prompt service. It is impossible for municipal inspectors alone to keep up, and matters often fall through the cracks adding to resident ire. With Third Estate’s system of community liaisons, gain knowledge of problems more quickly, ensure that progress continues, and improve resident satisfaction.

Nonprofit Data Network Upgrade

Municipalities are complex machines with an array of parts working in tandem to achieve a unified goal. When outside entities participate in achieving municipal objectives, it adds even greater complexity to an already overburdened system. Third Estate’s automated workflows and system upgrades help municipalities and their NPO partners work together more efficiently to achieve superior results for the entities and those they serve.

Workforce Housing Boost

Sometimes you're a victim of your own success. Neighborhood prices soar and your most vulnerable citizens suffer. While we can't freeze time to keep a neighborhood from changing, Third Estate's analytics and neighborhood investment workflows can help keep people in their community without subsidies that burn through the municipal treasury.

Home Salvation

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, Harvard and other institutions showed how a single vacant home can have a major contagion effect lowering property values in a 600 yard radius. Third Estate, through its tools, helps governments use their authority to stabilize scofflaw owned properties in the way that will have the greatest possible impact both for the municipal coffers and the surrounding community.

Slumlord Compliance

With all of the issues that afflict every modern city, prosecution of run-of-the-mill slumlords often must fall by the wayside ... until now. Third Estate’s deep data and automated workflows allows its counsel and legal partners to work with City law departments to drastically improve case results, especially revenue per case.

Population Density Boost

In the new world of remote work, people are more mobile than ever. Each new resident spends around $2,500 a year in their community, pays taxes, and contributes to their community in many, varied, intangible ways. Through deep data and affiliations with nonprofit and business service providers, Third Estate is able to attract new residents to your municipality.

Special District Management

COVID and Ecommerce have fundamentally changed the makeup of commercial districts. Like Macy’s holiday windows, the public space of the districts themselves are part of their draw, but their maintenance cannot be effectively managed by the businesses in their individual capacity. Third Estate’s workflows and data-driven insights help Business Improvement Districts optimize their capital allocations to generate as great a spend per visitor to the district as possible.

Custom Impact Project

No two municipalities are the same, let alone have identical needs. Third Estate’s algorithms and workflows are highly customizable to bring any municipal officer’s vision to life. Let’s sit down and chart a path forward together.