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Donor Leads

Looking to increase your donor base? Third Estate tracks the charitable preferences of a variety of high-net-worth individuals. Partner with us to bring new blood into your donor pool.

Data Support

Information is power. Improving how you track your operations and outcomes is key in the modern age to attracting competitive grants and remaining true to your donor base and cause.

Fiscal Support

Money, money, money! From grant writing to capital management, work with us to keep the capital flowing. Not a 501(c)(3), no problem. We’re able to sponsor various charitable activities under one of our affiliated entities.

Operations Support

Want to improve the functioning of a program or service? No problem. Third Estate is happy to lend a hand to keep the trains running on time and on the tracks.

Board Members

From lawyers to experienced businesspeople, the right Board can make or break a nonprofit. Quickly affect your organization’s standing with a refresh or expansion of your Board.

Community Organizers

There is no substitute for boots on the ground. Tap into Third Estate’s network of community leaders and organizers to move your cause forward. (*only available in select cities)